Legal notice

The interest of the Nunchaku is increasing. One reason is probably the media and film industry, where the nunchaku frequently appears in many action films, and also in animated television programs aimed at children. One consequence is that people start swinging the nunchaku in an inappropriate way in inappropriate contexts and forget that this is a dangerous weapon. Therefore, the nunchaku has been regulated by law and as a practitioner you must know what the laws of your own country and possibly your own state states about training with the nunchaku. In the United States, the law varies between states. Most states allow the nunchaku as training equipment in the practice of martial arts, but there are those states that prohibit personal possession of the nunchaku.

American Style Nunchaku is an online training form that can be practiced worldwide. The law will therefore be different for most practitioners. The American Style Nunchaku Federation urges all practitioners and members to find out for themselves which laws apply to them. We take no responsibility for the Practitioners’ and Members’ awareness of or compliance with the laws in their locality.

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