Competition Rules

The Scoring system of the ASNF is made up to be simple to understand and use for
competitors and judges alike. If necessary, when competitors don’t follow the regulations of
the competition, points can be deducted. In specific rare cases a competitor can be
disqualified by the tournament director or president. It is important to wear a martial arts
uniform during the competition. The competitors will bow and present themselves by saying
their name, school they represent and name of the form to be performed. After completion
of the form, they must bow out and wait in a respectful stance to listen to the next
instructions or placement within the competition. It is of great importance in the virtual
competition to be in an area where the competitor can perform freely and without
distractions or space restrains. Also, a high-quality camera should be used as well as good
lighting so the judges can observe what everybody is doing clearly.

NOTE: Forms used in this tournament need to be the American style
nunchaku forms or a made-up form using the ASN techniques.

Points are given using a scale from 1 meaning poor to 10 meaning perfect. Decimals
can be used in between points if/or when necessary.

Skills to look up when scoring Points:
• TECHNIQUES & STANCES: Observing that the techniques and stances are done properly in accordance with the ASNF and its Founder & President GM Michael L. Burke
• ACCURACY & FOCUS: Paying attention to the direction and heights of each technique as well following the proper diagram of the forms and proper concentration
• BALANCE & SPEED: Verifying that the transitions (steps, turnings, jumps etc.) are done in a smooth manner and the right speed is attained not only in motions but also in techniques

• When making a minor error like slowing down the pace, doing a little narrow or a little longer a stance, losing a little of balance etc.
• When making a major error like; not doing a technique, changing a technique for another, dropping the chakus, falling etc.
It is completely up to the judge’s criteria to dictate when to use decimals or a whole point when deducting points by mistakes done in a form.

This year (2024) divisions will be only by ranks and not gender or age and this are the three divisions:
• Lower colored belts
• Higher colored belts
• Black belts – all levels

If you haven’t practice our forms and techniques before please visit where you can find chakus instructions directly from our Founder GM Burke.

The cost for the competition will be USD $10.00 per participant.

To register please go to and send us your information. Please explain to us if have any rank in ASN and if not, what rank are you in any other martial art. This is very important to know so that way we can accommodate you in the best division so we can be fair to you and others.

Videos should be submitted thru videos platforms like youtube, vimeo etc. sending us the link so we can watch it. In case can not use this method please let us know to see how we can manage to get your video. The last day to submit videos will be March 4, 2024 and the winners will be announced on March 8, 2024.

Thanks for your support

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