Become a Certified Instructor

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A Certified Instructor has a license to teach the American Style Nunchaku to others and to run official ASN Schools. To become a Certified Instructor you must pass the Instructor Course.

The Instructor Course is approx 8 hours of study. Half of that (4 hrs) on your own time doing written work, and half (4 hrs) online through Zoom. The course consists of the following six chapters:

  1. The ASN as a complete martial art
  2. The belt rank structure of ASN
  3. The American Style Nunchaku Federation
  4. The history of ASN
  5. The martial arts instructor
  6. YOU as an ASN instructor

The participants will have to turn in two written thesis for evaluation to pass the course.

As a Certified Instructor you can the register your school and teach the style to others. You may also advance and attend the Certified Examiner course. As a Certified Instructor you may not promote students in belt rank. For this you need the Certified Examiner license.

The Certified Instructor license is in effect for one year. It needs to be actively upheld by attending instructor’s meetings and keeping up to date with possible changes in the regulations. If you keep your license active you do not have to attend the course again. However, if you left your license expire you need to start over.

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