The ASN Federation Structure

The mission of the American Style Nunchaku Federation is:
Promoting and regulating American Style Nunchaku as a Complete, Modern, Still Evolving, American Martial Art

To achieve this mission the American Style Nunchaku Federation has structured it’s activities into four main divisions with teams for each division assembled by the most experienced top students of the ASN.

1. Training

– To provide instruction and study material in American Style Nunchaku
– To provide information, support and communication through internet
– To arrange an annual ASN seminar/training camp open to all members
– To make available training with Grandmaster Burke and other high ranking ASN masters

2. Competition

– To arrange an annual Chakus Competition open to all our members
– To develop and maintain official competition rules for two divisions – forms and sparring
– To arrange education and licenses for judges
– To award the best competitors

3. Promotion

– To regulate a high standard of rank requirements for advancement in ASN
– To regulate examiner licenses

4. Development

– To continuously develop the techniques and forms of the ASN

The Federation Headquarters oversees and supports the activities of the teams by providing common rules and frameworks for the practice of American Style Nunchaku. The main tasks of the Federation Headquarters are :

– To continuously develop and oversee the common rules and regulations of the ASN
– To oversee the work of the division team and provide support for their work
– To arrange personal memberships for practitioners and school memberships for certified schools
– To regulate instructor certification and examiner rights

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