The six codes of American Style Nunchaku

True Victory is Self Victory

This is our slogan that stands for our way of looking at martial arts training. Training and developing as a martial artist is not about violence or becoming a Bad-Ass Fighter that people should be afraid of. On the contrary. It is about developing as a human being and becoming the best version of oneself. Real martial artists are not boastful, arrogant or condecending, and certainly not threatening and violent. In American Style Nunchaku, we have six life codes that show our practitioners the values ​that ​this federation stand for, and expect our members and practitioners of ASN to live by.

1. Courage

Courage is understandably an important characteristic of a martial artist, regardless of martial arts style. Having good technique and a strong body does not help in a dangerous situation if you do not have the courage to defend yourself. Courage in modern times, where you should not have to defend your life on a daily basis, also means courage to dare to resist and deal with the challenges you face in life. A true martial artist does not shy away from challenging situations.

2. Courtesy

With being a martial artist comes a great responsibility when it comes to behavior. It is easy for martial artists to get false rumors about being aggressive and violent people who solve challenges through threats and violence. And unfortunately, there are people who live such a life. That is why it is so important that we as a serious martial artists clearly distance ourselves from such behavior. As a martial artist, especially with long experience and high ranks, it is important to behave politely, respectfully and humbly.

3. Integrity

For a serious martial artist there is no honor in a dishonest victory. Cheating, lying or trying to succeed by pushing other people down is not something that is associated with serious martial artists. We train seriously because we know that true success comes through hard work. What is achieved through dishonest methods is worthless. We see integrity as a high sensibility to what is right and wrong, and to always do the right thing.

4. Honor

Honor is achieved through great integrity and genuine humility. Serious martial artists take their training seriously, are not afraid to go through challenges and do the work required, of them even if it may seem overwhelming. Honor comes by succeeding in achieving success through honest methods. Many are self-absorbed, bragging and putting themselves ahead of others, but these are more wanna-bes than serious martial artists and they will never achieve true honor.

5. Spirit

The spirit is the source of strength and energy to continue to fight when it feels heavy and impossible. Achieving success in martial arts requires hard work and great sacrifices, and you are forced to face resistance that can often be very emotional. A true martial artist develops a warrior mindset, a so-called Fighter Spirit who does not give in to setbacks. No matter how great the setback feels, you continue to fight and move forward. You gather yourself, analyze the situation, find a new tactic and try stubbornly again. A warrior never gives up.

6. Peace and Power

Peace and Power are two contrasts that belong closely together. Together they form an entity in which there should be an absolute harmony. A skilled martial artist knows how to balance them against each other. In combat (during adversity) the martial artist is the most stubborn, persistent and goal-oriented person there is who does not let himself be prevented from reaching his goals, but during peace (quiet periods) the martial artist is the most peaceful, pleasant and polite person who thinks of their fellow human beings and are happy to help others succeed with their goals. This is the very definition of a serious martial artist.

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