A Complete Martial Art

American Style Nunchaku – A complete Martial Art

The American Style Nunchaku is a complete martial art utilizing the nunchaku as the primary weapon – it is a weapon’s style. The nunchaku is traditionally an asian weapon practiced in, for instance, Karate or Kobudo. The movement of the nunchaku in ASN differs greatly from traditional nunchaku techniques. The movements are tighter, faster and the techniques usually breaks at the wrist, whereas the asian nunchaku usually have larger and slower movements using more of the body to swing the weapon.

The American Style Nunchaku was founded by Grandmaster Michael L. Burke as a complete martial art. The purpose was to make nunchaku training available to people that were not interested in the traditional martial arts of Karate or Kobudo. Grandmaster Burke made training in modern nunchaku available by creating a new weapons style that focuses on the nunchaku.

You can train American Style Nunchaku as complete martial art using stances footwork and kicks taught by Grandmaster Burke, or if you are a martial artist of another style you can add ASN to your current style using the nunchaku techniques combined with stances, footwork and kicks of your style. In any case you can earn rank in American Style Nunchaku separately following our curriculum.

We categorize the techniques of the style as follows:
1. Basic Techniques
– Stances and Footwork
– Blocks
– Strikes
– Swings
– Kicks
2. Combinations
– Single Nunchaku Combinations
– Double Nunchaku Combinations
3. Forms
– Single Nunchaku Forms
– Double Nunchaku Forms
4. Partner Training
Training with a partner is highly recommended but the style is, however, designed to be a distance training programme you can lean alone in you own home at your own pace.

We have three main rank requirements that we hold equally important for promotion in our system:
1. Conduct and Character, following The Six Codes of American Style Nunchaku
2. Experience – Strict time in rank requirements
3. Theoretical knowledge and technical skills

The American Style Nunchaku is designed for demonstrations and forms-tournaments. The techniques are fast, flashy and easy to learn. Still the ASN has a modern and realistic approach to the weapon. The style works! Start training!

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