How long does it take to get a black belt in American Style Nunchaku?

It is totally up to you and how hard you train. We have strict time-in-rank requirements that we never deviate from, so please don’t ask us to. The minimum time it takes from beginner to black belt is three years, and that is assuming you train every day. Not everyone makes it in three years.

If I don’t get my next promotion soon I’ll quit.

That is exactly why we have these strict rules, to filter out people thinking this way. They have no place in out martial arts family. Belt levels are merely a pedagogical tool to measure a student’s progress in learning the style, and to set tangible goals that lie within reasonable reach. They are never the main goal of practice.

Why don’t I get to test when I feel I’m ready for the next rank?

We have trained Certified Instructors with years of experience who decide when to recommend a student for promotion. It is never the student him/her-self who decides when it is time. You must trust that the instructors will invite you when the feel you are ready. In fact, we consider it to be rude for a student to ask for promotion.

Do I need a training partner to learn American Style Nunchaku?

No. You can learn the style from your own home at your own pace. You just need a pair of nunchakus and the first Chakus instructional video. If you want to progress through our belt rank system you will be put into contact with one of our Certified Instructors who can guide you on your path. You will then meet him/her through Zoom. The ASN is a forms-based style. Even though we recommend training with a partner from time to time, it is not a requirement for progressing in rank.

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